Color:  Brown
Size:  S


100% natural fur, sheepskin
Made of sheep fur
Fur height 12 mm
Removable on the clasp
Raccoot fur, non-removable
Sheep fur, non-removable
Long (see Size Table for details)
Classic, comfortable
Airborne Apparel


Choosing decent winter clothes, you need to take into account many factors that allow you to cope with such a responsible task. Choosing something simple is easy, there are things that are bought emotionally or out of boredom and then gather dust in the closet. What can not be said about a thoughtful winter purchase, such as a pilot jacket made of sheepskin B-7. Such a purchase is planned, decided on it for a long time, since good things, especially natural, are worth decent funds.

In the online store LUCUSS you will find a wide range of exclusive men's outerwear exclusively from premium materials. We make sure that all products offered on the pages of this site are consistently high level of performance. Long-term cooperation with proven manufacturers allows us to offer you both the latest developments and already beloved models. All goods are made at the highest technological level using high-precision equipment by skilled professionals.


If you are looking for a warm winter thing that will warm even in the Arctic cold, the parka jacket B-7 made of natural sheep fur will be exactly that lifesaver. Considering the product up close, it can be noted how qualitatively worked out each of its details.

  • The skins are perfectly smooth, without any flaws both on the outside and on the inside.
  • Fur height of 12 mm, dense, velvety to the touch, a pleasant shade of baked milk.
  • The product has the characteristic outlines of the well-known military model B-7, developed for ground support personnel of the US Air Force, but which has become more widespread and popular as clothing for the civilian population.
  • The model is long, up to the middle of the thigh.
  • The color of the top is uniform, dark-chocolate. Small leather elements, lightened at the edges, look very stylish and give an obsessive charm.
  • The jacket has a full-size detachable hood trimmed with natural raccoon fur. It perfectly fits the tone enriching the already gorgeous appearance.
  • Original fittings - produced by YKK (metal zippers, interesting buttons with a reliable mount), has a corporate logo.

In addition to this parka, choose a powerful winter equipment (heated vest or socks) in the appropriate section of our store.

Sizing Chart For Men's Jackets

* All measurements are in centimeters 



  • You need to measure yourself.
  • The person to be measured must be in non-bulky clothing (underwear).
  •  Do not measure over outerwear. Measurements should be without seam allowances, freedom, etc.
  •  Use the obtained data in the Sizing Chart and when ordering.
  • If there are any difficulties, for sure contact us for help.

  1. Chest circumference - the tape line should go around the body through the protruding points of the shoulder blades and chest.
  2. Girth of the waist or belly - the tape measure runs horizontally along the natural waistline or at the widest point of the stomach.
  3. Indicate the height.

Customer questions & answers

Question: Is it real leather and real fur? seller please answer asap. thanks!

Answer: Thank you for the interest. Yes it's real sheepskin leather and real sheep shearling fur.
By Lucuss  on October 25, 2022

Question: How do I best determine what size I should order?

Answer: Order whatever size you would usually order, I am an XL in most jackets and this one fits perfectly.
By Shim  on November 13, 2022

Question: Hi how long does it normally take to ship to Italy ordered yesterday. Are there any other charges besides shipping fee?

Answer: It took me 16 days to get the package and there were no additional taxes.
By Alin Chis  on November 21, 2022

Question: Where are they made and shipped from?

Answer: Our factory is in Chicago, USA. The jackets were made and shipped out of Chicago. And we'd like to invite customers in the US to visit our factory and buy our jacket.
By Lucuss  on October 18, 2022

Question: Would it be comfortable enough to wear with a short sleeve t-shirt?

Answer: Yes it is but keep in mind it is shearling lines even through the sleeves so its very warm. Be mindful wearing if not cool/cold enough and you risk sweating.
By T. Richard  on October 8, 2022

Question: Il y a t il quelqu'un qui en a commandé en France ?

Answer: J'en ai commandé un le mois dernier, il fait très chaud mais les manches sont un peu longues
By  Marc Copro  on October 8, 2022

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